Help with us! We organize a collection of clothes

The third role of universities can be understood from very different angles, but education and direct assistance on social issues clearly belong to them. That is why we decided together with the initiative Thick line organize a collection of winter clothes for those who have a difficult life situation. 

The winter months are really challenging for homeless people and not all of them can accommodate the capacity of shelters. Here comes the need for plenty of winter clothes, which is really critical at sub-freezing temperatures. 

November 23 from 17 p.m. you have the opportunity to contribute your little bit to the mill and bring clothes that you no longer plan to wear, but could still keep someone warm. She provided us with her garden for this collection KC Klubovna, where the members of Tlustá linka will be waiting for you together with us, they will choose clothes from you and in return they will offer you a hot welder and baked goodies as a thank you. 

It wouldn't be us not to incorporate a bit of culture into it, which is why two concerts are waiting for you in the inner hall of the Clubhouse from 20 pm. 


20:00 Nea

21:00 Marjari


Event link <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">here</a>


We look forward to!!