The Dejvice campus is a joint project of six universities and institutions (the Czech Technical University, the Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University, the City District of Prague 6, the National Technical Library, the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences and the University of Chemical Technology in Prague). in addition to the common space, there is also a common interest in attracting and reviving social, student and scientific life on the Dejvice campus.

Banco Pro who is Campus Dejvice?

Especially for those in campus schools and institutions they study or work, then for those who live in its immediate vicinity and of course for everyone who arrives at campus events from more distant places. Most of the events we hold have no restrictions on participation, so we welcome everyone!

Memorandum of common interest

The Dejvice campus was officially established on 17 June 6 with the signing of a Memorandum of Common Interest. The signatories agreed that the goal of the Dejvice Campus will be a common space for scientific, educational, social and cultural events, which will work to raise awareness of its signatories and systematically work on: 

  • Reviving social and cultural life on campus
  • Cooperation of individual schools and institutions
  • Elevation of public spaces on the ground floor of the campus to a dignified level corresponding to the center of technical and scientific education and research

Since May 2017, two coordinators have been working for the Dejvice Campus, who, in cooperation with the Dejvice Campus Working Group, are preparing a strategy for reviving social and cultural events, disseminating information about events on the campus, and preparing and organizing some events.

The goal of the Dejvice Campus is:

  • Inform about all events -  organized in the Dejvice Campus and to provide all interested parties in one place (web and FB) comprehensive overview.
  • Organize selected events -  for 2017, these are the KReCON conference, Christmas on campus, the Cross Campus running race and Echoes of AFO Olomouc. Until 2018, you can look forward to many more.
  • Co-organize events -  join forces with other event organizers. In 2017, it will be the Film Food Festival, War Veterans Day, lectures and discussions with experts who have studied at schools and campus institutions.
  • Provide funding for events on the Dejvice Campus or co-financing - We offer student associations and other organizers the opportunity to secure part of the funds from the budget of the Dejvice Campus, or work together systematically on fundraising.
  • Consultation in the preparation of grant applications
  • Be in touch with students clubs, associations and other entities, which organize cultural, social and student life in schools and institutions of the Dejvice Campus.
  • Create an active network of volunteerswho would be willing to work for the Dejvice Campus, especially to help with events at events. If you are interested in working for a campus, Contact our!

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What events are held at the Dejvice Campus?

The Dejvice Campus, a campus of universities and institutions, is lively. Almost every day there is an event that is intended not only for students, but often also for the general public. It is organized by individual schools, faculties, student associations or clubs, sometimes by external organizers, sometimes also by the coordinators of the Dejvice Campus. We collect a detailed overview of events for you on the Facebook pages in the section Events.