The second block of Pop Up Technical this week

The second series of events in Technická Street is here! This week, however, we will move across the street in front of building B of the ICT Prague, where it will be cool on these hot days. What can you expect?

17.6 - We will start with a shifted lecture from the Consensus initiative on the topic of sexual violence in academia. In the second part of the program, we will learn a lot of interesting things about RNA, mRNA vaccines and what the future holds in this field. Ing. Hana Macičková Cahová Ph.D., Head of the Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids group at the IOCB AS CR.
The evening will end with the funky band Batáty from České Budějovice.


20.6 - Sunday's theme will be Bitcoin and related technologies. Will Bitcoin replace gold? Will it become one official currency in the Czech Republic as well? Why did blockchain actually arise and is the answer to everything? We will ask Marek Bielik from the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University about that.

We will be able to expand our musical horizons with the debuting musician Lotus Wash and his modular set. 



The bar is always open from 15 pm!